“Filled with all the Fullness of God”

Ephesians 3:14-21 Text: …that ye may be filled with all the fullness of God (3:19) This was no everyday prayer that Paul prayed for the Ephesians. Paul was very much aware that the people of Ephesus, the church that he had planted earlier, needed to be made aware and encouraged of the standing and privilegeContinue reading ““Filled with all the Fullness of God””

Praying Circles Around The Revitalizer’s Home

Covid-19 has delivered a one-two punch to the local church and her leader. Sadly, some churches will be knocked out, while others will struggle to bounce back and make it to another round. The revitalizing church was already fighting an uphill battle against a stronger opponent in the area of lack of resources, support, andContinue reading “Praying Circles Around The Revitalizer’s Home”

Enthusiastically Embracing the Small Rural Church

Small is not a problem 80% of churches run under 100 in attendance.  What if that is not a problem? What if when Jesus said “I will build my church” He had small rural churches in mind. What if Jesus’ idea was for churches of all sizes to work together, big, small, and house churchesContinue reading “Enthusiastically Embracing the Small Rural Church”

Three steps to experiencing God’s best

Be encouraged today that God has not called you to forge ahead on your own, but to walk humbly with him in serving the local church community in a way that brings Him honor and glory. Throughout scripture, God has used challenging situations to strengthen his people to achieve greatness. Today as the world facesContinue reading “Three steps to experiencing God’s best”

Christ’s Plans for His Church

However, the church was not commissioned to do good things, but God things. Moses knew God’s purpose for the Israelites was for them to be free from bondage in Egypt. But Moses had mistaken when he thought he knew God’s plan for doing it. Gideon understood God’s purpose was to free the Israelites from theContinue reading “Christ’s Plans for His Church”

Four steps to priming the prayer spirit

“How is your prayer life,” I asked recently of another pastor. I could tell by the hesitation in his voice that his prayer life was suffering. In a year that has been challenging for all leaders, it is not surprising that their situations have negatively impacted a leader’s prayer life. So, how do you turnContinue reading “Four steps to priming the prayer spirit”

The winds of change: Leading through challenging times

“Throughout the Christian church’s history, there have been challenges, but a tiny remnant of believers has always been used by God to do extraordinary things.” In early March, it became apparent that the church would have to change. Covid-19 was sweeping across the nation and had come to my corner of the world. With theContinue reading “The winds of change: Leading through challenging times”

At death’s door: Is the Church ready to grow?

“As a leader, I knew that it could not be a pastor focused leadership or even a board centered leadership, it had to be all of us praying, seeking, and wanting to move forward to allow God to lead us into the next season of the church’s life.” – Dr. Desmond Barrett I stood inContinue reading “At death’s door: Is the Church ready to grow?”